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One touch of nature and you will be never the same again!

Traditional medicines are great and have immense healing powers. Why do you think millions of people prefer the old and traditional ways of healing and curing these days when there are all those sophisticated mechanisms that will heal them in no time?

Because, we need results that are guaranteed and are have no side effects. This is when we realized the need for revisiting what our ancestors practiced and successfully accomplished a healthy and beautiful body!

We brought back all the ancient herbs and medicines that act as the main ingredients of your health and food supplementary and also, the beauty products that will ensure you achieve a glowing and beautiful skin and hair.

Thus, Orbis was formed!

We began our journey in the year 1905 when our parent company the TMK group came into formation in Calicut, Kerala. Since, then, there was no looking back.

We reached out to people with the best of medicines and supplements that helped to rejuvenate and refresh their body, hair and skin making them feels young and better. Nature is the supplier of all the ingredients that we use in our products. This helps to ensure that there are no side effects in our medicines and supplements.

We have a highly experienced and qualified team of medical professionals who know very well the herbs and their magical powers all by heart.

They induce in the ancestral medicinal treatment procedures along with the herbs extracted from the Nature in God’s own country and then, create a perfect formula that will treat all your ailments and power you and your body while you gain a healthy and beautiful body.

Our glory reached far and wide and hence, people from all over the world started reaching out to us for our magical formula and this is when we decided to launch Orbis to meet the never ending needs of our people across the GCC countries.

Today, we are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of these natural health supplements and oils in India and GCC.